How to speed up your email list growth

How to speed up your email list growth

Your email list can stop growing at some moment and even lose subscribers over time. There is a way to grow and retain your subscribers.

A “lead magnet” is a “good” which normally would cost upwards of $10-20 or even more, but you’re giving it for free. Also, you promise to deliver even more overtime.

The solution is - “Lead magnet”. 

How to implement it: 

  1. Create an asset

It could be:

  • Google sheet template
  • free e-book
  • Calculator
  • Notion template
  • Airtable template
  • Course

It should be valuable for your audience and contain actual information, should be worth paying. 

Usually, it’s useful for you and you would like to share it with others. 

 It’s important to deliver a perfect asset here, which makes sense, and do not try to deceive your subscribers.

If you announce a useful thing but deliver “trash” - your subscribers will never trust you. 

  1. Create a landing page

It should be stupidly simple, distraction-free, and focused on your offer. 

Add a quick overview of what’s inside, how it helped you, and why someone would want to get it.

  1. Instant delivery

After submission, the subscriber must get his copy instantly, by redirecting to the download URL or by receiving an email.
It should take less than 15 seconds, and without any effort. 

If it’s an e-book or something that is located privately on your server - make sure that your asset isn’t available publicly, so it cannot be shared by direct URL and obtained without a subscription. 

  1. Promote it

Make a post on your social networks that: 

  • Asks if you want to get free [asset]
  • Tells why you made it, how it helped you
  • Invites people to “steal” it
  • Asks to share 
  1. Convert

The landing page should be set up to convert the audience.
Include a form from a service you’re using to collect emails. Make sure it points to the right contact list. 

Require double opt-in to protect from bots and spam traps. This will help to keep only the engaged audience. 

  1. Send welcome email

Set up an automated welcome email.
It could include an immediate value, asks a new question, give a new free asset (if possible). 

  1. Repeat X times

When you have something else which will be valuable to your audience, try these steps again. 

Automate your manual tasks of sending and replying to users by using software for automated emails, like Sendesco.